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We are proud of our quality herd of Boer goats. Our years of effort have brought us many wins in the show ring and a great group of kids every year offered for sale to new and established breeders.
Following our 2016 dispersal sale, the Leaning Tree goat herd is much smaller and easier to manage.  I have retained a small herd of key goats, both active and retired, to keep me busy and happy!  Leaning Tree will still offer some truly great goats for sale.

LEANING TREE HEALTH GUARANTEE:     Every goat sold off our farm & at the Boer-Nanza Production Sale is GUARANTEED to be CAE, CL Johne's and Q-Fever negative.  Blood testing as part of any purchase is available or the buyer can test the goat within 30 days of sale date.
For the purchase of animals off our farm, Leaning Tree Farm accepts cash, personal checks with verified funds, credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers via Paypal.  If you want one of our goats, there's a way to make it happen!
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>>Percentage doelings start at $250.00 at weaning
>>Purebred doelings and bucklings start at $450.00 at weaning
>>Fullblood doelings and bucklings start at $650.00 at weaning
>>Exceptional, show-quality fullblood doelings & bucklings start at $900
>>4H market wethers are $150 at weaning

Please note that there can be a difference between what is 'show correct' and what is 'truly exceptional' and we try to price every goat  fairly and accordingly.

Come to the farm for a visit!  Pick out your next great brood doe, herd sire or show prospect!